Kittrell Community watch is a voluntary association of Kittrell-area residents who work with  law enforcement to  reduce crime in our neighborhoods.  There are no specific boundaries but our region roughly coincides with the Kittrell Fire District.

Our goal is to supplement the eyes and ears of local law enforcement by providing information to prevent and solve crime.  Know your neighborhood and know your neighbors.  If something looks wrong, it probably is wrong.  Call 911 and let the authorities "check it out."

We usually meet  at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of alternate months to share information and build community awareness.  Most meetings include a speaker on a security topic of interest to our group.  Meetings are usually held at the Kittrell Comunity House.

Kittrell Community Watch does not have formal membership or dues.  However we ask attendees to provide a phone number or email address so we can notufy them of future meetings. We also accept donations to cover rent. refreshments, postage, and other expenses.